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Dispatches from the SF Culture War is our new, semi-regular look at the Tech versus San Francisco cage match.  Culture Warrior... More»


Defend Your Kickstarter is a weekly look at the wild, wacky, and just plain wonderful world of Kickstarter. Today's project:... More»


Defend your kickstarter is our look at the wild, wacky, and just plain wonderful world of Kickstarter projects. Today's Kickstarter... More»


If it's not one thing it's another—... More»


Is there a genetic test for propensity to have a really terrible end of the year? If so, 23andMe co-... More»


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What Would I Say?

The latest and greatest Facebook time waster is What Would I Say? Feed in your Facebook... More»


If, at 23 years old, you were offered 3 BILLION dollars for a company you started that has yet to turn a profit, would you turn it down? At an age when most... More»


The Butter Battle Book, Dr. Seuss's masterpiece about mutually assured destruction, might provide us a window into the latest San Francisco... More»