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Travis Kalanick

  Travis Kalanick is trying really hard to sit still. You can tell by the way that he clasps and unclasps his hands under the... More»


Drivers for Loop transportation, the company that Facebook contracts to ferry its workers to Silicon Valley, voted to form a union yesterday—the first... More»


  This morning, actor Ashton Kutcher set off an internet flash fire when he tweeted up a... More»


  Yesterday, Yishan Wong, the CEO of Reddit, the San Francisco-based forum,... More»


  Roommate wanted. Must be non-smoker, cats OK. Series A funding a plus. That's not exactly what the Craiglist ad for a room in the so-... More»


  There is an abyss at the heart of life, a cold nothingness that will one day consume us all. And there's no price too high to pay for even a... More»


  Are you at a Bay Area coffee shop right now? Look to your left. Look to your right. One of the three of you is secretly running an... More»


  It gives us no pleasure to call it, but it's true: The Twitter Skybridge is about to become the next Google Bus. The Mid-Market tech... More»


  We'd hate to be working for Reddit's HR department right about now. Just days after the company... More»


  In a shocking admission, today Barry Bonds has admitted that he's glassing, via ... More»