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12 Best Tweets about Twitter's IPO

Where else would you talk about it? The water cooler?

The day is finally here: Twitter's IPO is up and ready for your dollars. Naturally, the Twitter community is all aflutter about the news‚—pushing out sentiments both sincere and snarky. Here are twelve of the best tweets of the day:


@MikeIsaac: exclusive pic of inside Twitter HQ

@LisamcIntire: I like Twitter

@Jack: just setting up our $twtr

@ karynelevy: Twitter opens at two faves and a retweet.

@vivienneharr: Miss Vivienne wants to say "I love Twitter! Without you, I stand alone. With you, we all stand together! Make a Stand!" ;-)

@darth: reminder if you bought $TWTR stock you have to add this at the end of every tweet: “Disclosure-I currently own shares in Twitter”

@fmanjoo: Would be great if Twitter IPO chatter fail-whaled Twitter.

@gerryshih: smh they're eating cronuts at twitter HQ, which my editors dutifully spelled out as "a croissant-donut hybrid"

@leducviolet: i can't wait for a whole new raft of really intelligent & interesting tech transplants in SF to get a shit-ton richer. is it xmas already!?


@hamiltonnolan: Someone please start keeping track now of all the credulous quotes we can laugh at when Tech Bubble 2.0 pops.


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