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2011: Our year of living paradoxically

Remember when San Francisco buzzed with innovation, invention, and the fear that we were losing our character to an invasion of baby-faced technocrats? When rents spiraled out of control, a new fusion restaurant opened every seven minutes, and instant moguls bought Potrero Hill flats with startup cash? Yes, we’re talking about 2011. As the country faced the worst economy since the Great Depression, San Francisco partied like it was 1999, with a new tech boom that was bringing in yet another generation of sharp twentysomethings with big ideas and bigger wallets. On the other hand, if you weren’t an entrepreneur, a programmer, or a recently retired city employee (see question no. 2), you probably spent the year sucking it up with the rest of us: cursing Muni, losing the public school lottery, and wondering if it was time to move back in with your parents. Here, test your knowledge of this whiplash-inducing year: