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Affinities #18: Prowling for Darjeeling

Spending quality feline time at San Francisco's cat cafe, KitTea. 

Lisa Quattrini and Liberty

Lisa Quattrini and Liberty

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Lisa Quattrini and Liberty

David Pedack and Louise

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Lisa Quattrini and Liberty

Courtney Hatt and Pinkerton

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Lisa Quattrini and Liberty

Aaron Thornburgh and Pita

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Lisa Quattrini and Liberty

Benjamin Stingle and Shadow

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Lisa Quattrini and Liberty

Ann Pedack and Pinkerton

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Lisa Quattrini and Liberty

Maria Conlon, Hershey, and Snickers

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Lisa Quattrini and Liberty

Misha Vela and Bentley

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Cats may kill on social media, but they’re not great for snagging a date. “It’s easy to meet people at a dog park,” says Courtney Hatt, 28. “But if you like cats”—she currently has three—“there’s very little in-person interaction.”

Hatt, a former social media manager who calls herself a “cool cat lady,” and a handful of her friends are the cofounders of KitTea, San Francisco’s first cat café, set to open this spring in Hayes Valley (96 Gough St., at Page St.). At this kitty playground, visitors can sip tea, nibble on sweets (the felines get raw treats), and mix it up with a dozen cats and up to 30 fellow cat lovers. You can watch the romping cats through the tearoom’s glass partition or carry your saucer through the vestibule into what Hatt calls the cat sanctuary, where the furniture has been tailored for optimal cat-human interaction. (All cats will be available for adoption through Give Me Shelter.)

Of the café’s 13,500 Facebook fans, most are women in their 20s and 30s. “We’re trying to redefine the crazy cat lady stereotype,” says Hatt. “I think there will definitely be matchmaking—for pets and people.”


Originally published in the January issue of San Francisco

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