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Affinities: Scissor Sisters

Salon workers unite—and party— for a good cause.


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“Salons are our community hubs,” says Georgia Rew, a hairstylist and the owner of the Pretty Pretty Collective, a new-school beauty salon in the Mission. “I wanted to give something back to our community.”

That was Rew’s inspiration for the Social, an all-stylists-welcome party that she hosted at the Make-Out Room on December 3. Rew partnered with Project Open Hand to raise funds for the organization, then went door-to-door to hand out posters for the event, which featured bands, DJs, and a drag show. “The beauty community is generally really segregated,” she says. “It’s pretty rare that we all come together.”

But on this night, nearly 200 stylists, salon owners, and clients came through the door, raising $1,600. Rew hopes to host another round of the Social sometime this summer, and meanwhile, on January 28 , Michelle Snyder, a fellow salon owner who attended the Social, is throwing another stylist bash—the Hair Ball—to raise funds for Planned Parenthood.

“I’m a huge believer in collective consciousness,” Rew says. “And right now we are all just inspired to make things better for other people.”

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