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Affinities: The Goths of Summer

Our pictorial study of uniquely Bay Area tribes.


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Derrick Yutani

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It takes Ocean View resident Derrick Yutani an hour and a half to get ready in the morning—shimmying into skinny jeans, inserting contact lenses, applying makeup, and affixing false lashes. “There’s good attention and there’s bad attention,” he says of reactions to his otherworldly look. “Some people compliment me. Others want to ‘save’ me.”

He’s been dressing this way for nearly a decade, a reaction to being teased in high school for his skinniness. “I had really low self-esteem back then,” remembers the 27-year-old. “One day I was like, ‘Screw it—I’m going to make this work for myself.’” He started getting tattoos and piercings, shopping at Distractions and Rivithead, and attending goth nights at DNA Lounge and the Cat Club, where he made like-minded friends. The Bay Area goth scene is small and close-knit, Yutani says, revolving mainly around industrial, EBM, and witch house music. “There’s this misconception that we’re drug addicts or devil worshippers, but we’re not all like that,” he says. “We dress like this to spark people’s interest.”

And there are a few perks. “I’m not going to lie,” he adds shyly. “I get a lot of attention from girls.”



Originally published in the July issue of San Francisco.

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