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Affinities: The Senior Sartorialists

An exhibition of unlikely fashion icons showcases the never-dull street style of Chinatown.


Dorothy G. C. Quock

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Wang Mei Ha

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Angie No Good

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The Most Handsome Couple

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You Tian Wu

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Yok Lan Chung

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Mr. & Mrs. Wong

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Mr. & Mrs. Yee

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Angela Chen

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Valerie Luu was sitting at a café on the edge of Chinatown when a woman’s shoes caught her eye. “She had these amazing Keds on—jade with a speckled ’80s print,” Luu recalls. But it was what she saw next that surprised her most.

“I looked up and realized it was an 80-year-old woman and not a twentysomething who shopped at Urban Outfitters.” Luu refers to the mysterious green-shoed woman who disappeared into Chinatown as her Cinderella: She inspired Luu and a friend, photographer Andria Lo, to start Chinatown Pretty, a blog chronicling the vibrant, unexpected street style of Chinatown seniors. An exhibition of their images and accompanying interviews opened at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco on February 8 and runs through June.

Luu, who admits she once subscribed to an “all black, all the time” fashion philosophy, is a changed woman since embarking on the project. “Now I’m happy to say I’m a rainbow,” she says, listing off the handful of colors she’s currently sporting. “It’s amazing how much better you feel and how much joy you bring people with what you are wearing.”


Originally published in the March issue of San Francisco

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