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Affinities: They’re with Her

 Little Hillaries are ready to take on the world.


Paige and Kylie Tomas

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Hannah Winner

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Isabella Pennell and Emma Singer

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Leila Forbord

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Irene Vail

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Lexington and Ellison Ngo

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Maia Lieu

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Elli Bedsworth

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Lazarre and Simone Elias

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Nadia Derryck

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Hazel Richter

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“Hillary is a really smart girl,” declares Paige Tomas, six. Much has been made of Hillary Clinton’s appeal among women—her historic significance for women of a certain age, her uphill battle with millennials—but along the way, the Clinton candidacy has piqued the interest of a pint-size set of future voters: Call them li’l Hills. These Bay Area kids all have reasons to root for Hillary. “It’s boring if all the presidents are boys,” scoffs Irene Vail, eight. “Then the boys will only learn from other boys.” Plus, she just got back from a family trip to Oaxaca, where she discovered her love of Mexican pastries. “If Trump builds a wall around Mexico, it will be really hard to go back,” she says seriously. “Hillary seems way nicer than Donald Trump,” muses Hazel Richter, eight (“He’ll blow up America!” yells a dramatic 11-year-old), “and she looks a little like Grammy.” For Maia Lieu, six, Clinton is proof that girls can do anything boys can. “Some people think girls aren’t smart or strong, but they are,” she says. “Just like Mulan.”


Originally published in the October issue of San Francisco

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