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America's Cup For Idiots: Will Larry Ellison Actually Be Sailing?

We asked Julian Guthrie, the author of The Billionare and the Mechanic.

“Up until recently, i would have said that he will absolutely be out there during some of the races. When he won in 2010, he was on the boat aiding the tactician—calling out the position of the other boat, when they expect to jibe, when they’re tacking, how many feet to the layline, how many minutes have gone by. Since then, new regulations have been put in place that limit the crew to 11 members, so I can’t say for certain. But if I had to guess, especially if it’s down to one of the final races, I think you’ll see him out there at least once."

"As for his future involvement, Larry told me that he sometimes feels like the dog that finally caught the bus. You win, then you defend the Cup, but what if you keep winning? And it’s that much more difficult in San Francisco. Larry talked to me candidly about the challenge of working with the city. So if he wins again, i would guess that unless the city comes up with a lot of money to keep the cup here, it’s going elsewhere. Larry’s not going to keep funding it himself. personally, I can’t imagine that there would be an America’s Cup in San Francisco again. So people better enjoy it.”

—Julian Guthrie, author of The Billionaire and the Mechanic: How Larry Ellison and a Car Mechanic Teamed Up to Win Sailing’s Greatest Race, the America’s Cup.


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Originally published in the July issue of San Francisco

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