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Argentinian Artist Is In SF for 15 Minutes, Gets Laptop Stolen

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Juan Sorrentino 


San Francisco might be a the sanctuary city, but not for creative types, it seems. Especially not for Argentinian Juan Sorrentino, a mixed-media artist and musician from Buenos Aires, who had his equipment stolen while he was in town recently. Saturday night, the musician returns to help raise funds to replace it.

Sorrentino flew in last week when he was commissioned to re-imagine his artwork for a Sacramento gallery. He and another artist gathered materials from around the Bay Area, including Golden Gate Park. After filming in the park for just 15 minutes, Sorrentino returned to find his car windows smashed and his camera lenses, found equipment and laptop (worth $10,000 in Argentina)—all stolen.

A blow to cripple any traveling artist, but the Sacramento show went on (mostly from donated equipment).

Now Sorrentino is back in SF, performing in the Mission as El Pastiche, his chest-bearing aviator-glasses-wearing alter ego. Pastiche mixes pop sounds with advertising jingles, noise, cumbia, folklore, and his own live vocals. He and local music and performance project Xuxa Santamaria will join forces at CULT this Saturday for a dance party/fundraiser. Half of ticket sales go to new equipment for Sorrentino, the rest goes to the venue, which is struggling to make ends meet.

“The struggle for artists and venues here is real,” said CULT curator Aimee Friberg. “We’re really fighting to stay here. At the same time, I can’t let Juan go back to Argentina without a laptop.”


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