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Art Silicon Valley Brings Art to Silicon Valley

Checking in on the inagural of the art fair.

Andy Warhol/Green Marilyn (1962), by Sandro Miller


Nick Korniloff, director of Art Miami, explains why the art market is swarming Silicon Valley and how his inaugural local fair, Art Silicon Valley, is a cut above the rest. Oct. 9–12.

Q: Why does the world need another art fair? And in Silicon Valley, of all places.

A: "I believe that this younger or newer tech-sector group will be the next great caretakers of the art market, and the timing is right—there needs to be a new group that embraces it. But their schedules are so busy—they’re really plugged in and working and connecting to their communities—that they don’t necessarily come out to the big art fairs. So we're bringing one to them.

Originally published in the October issue of San Francisco

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