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Art Trumps Fear

Four Bay Area artists react to the election in pictures.


Clare Rojas
“I call it Mr. President Potato Head. It’s about how the white supremacists are creating our president and running our country.”

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Jake Watling
“My painting What’s the Answer? represents loss and the struggle to come to terms with loss. I voted for Hillary Clinton. I fear the negative effects a Trump presidency will have for all Americans, the environment, and the world.” 

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Mahtab Habibian
“I made this piece to comfort, remind, and assure myself, and others, that there have been people speaking out, regardless of party, against discriminatory comments and behavior. None of us are alone in this.”

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Jonathan Crow
“Trump makes much more sense to me as a growling, shitting orange gorgon than as a human being.”

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Ever since Donald Trump prevailed in the presidential election, much ink has been spilled over what this means for everything from the rights of minorities to the direction of our democracy. And yet: We still find ourselves sometimes at a loss for words. So we asked four Bay Area artists to give us their nonverbal takes on the coming reign of Trump. (Click through the slideshow above.)


Originally published in the December issue of San Francisco

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