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Bay Lights Needs $12 Million to Keep the Lights on

We're looking at you, Zuckerberg. 


Come March 2015, the Bay Lights could go dark, unless the public art project strung along the western span of the Bay Bridge can come up with $12 million to keep itself in operation through 2026.

Project organizers have set up a page asking for donations to keep the 25,000 LED sculpture in operation, promising that donations will allow one to "belong to the thousands of brilliant believers who will ensure we audaciously alter the arch of human history through transformative works of public art." 

We don't understand a single word of that last sentence, but hey, the Bay Lights are super cool to look at. The campaign has already picked up $225,000 in donations from over 4,000 contributors. 

A $30 donation keeps Leo Villareal's Blade Runner installation going for one night—but if, just for pretend, you happen to be an internet mogul, $50,000 will buy a foot tall, six-foot wide, 2,000 LED version of the Bay Lights. Or you could just cut a check for the twelve million. The ball is in your court, Mark.


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