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Best of SF 2015

Your guide to the food, fun, places, and people that make this city the best place in the world. 


Buckle up! This is not your typical Best Of list. This is a 298-entry-long encyclopedia of all things magnificent within San Francisco and its borderlands. And we do mean all things, from best slice of pie to best auto mechanic. Ambitious? Yes. Crazy? Probably. Digestible in a single sitting? No way. It’s a manual, not a novel—meant to be kept on hand in case of babysitting/pipe-bursting/bikini-waxing emergencies.

Here’s how to use it: The EAT section covers everything from french fries finished with mizithra cheese to the ultimate filled croissant (almond, chocolate, and banana—best filling ever). The SHOP arena has kids’ clothes that can handle playground scrapes and a guide to the finest departments within department stores. PLAY outlines the best place to bust a gut, to listen to A-listers pontificate, and to take your kids to test out those play-proof clothes. HELP includes personal trainers for every body part and a plumber who can’t wait to unplug your toilet. Because your bounds exceed city limits, we’ve assembled listings for NORTH, EAST, and SOUTH  of San Francisco, too. And let’s not forget the man of the hour (or decade, really): Giants right fielder HUNTER PENCE, our resident scooter-riding weirdo and the sports hero most fit to shoulder the banner of Best. 

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Originally published in the July issue of San Francisco

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