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Blackbelt Jane: Kim Photogenically Kicks Ass in New Web Ad

Oh, if only the Costa-Hawkins Act could be beaten into submission.

See Jane kick.


One of the more politically applicable lines from The Producers is "When you got it, flaunt it!" Supervisor and would-be state senator Jane Kim today released a new ad that does just that. 

To the accompaniment of a rollicking, 1970s-style funk beat, Kim's campaign flaunts their candidate's photogenic pep and approachability as she bops down the street and into a tae kwon do studio. There the blackbelt trades her scarlet coat and strappy heels for martial arts apparel and, naturally, begins martial arting. 

Footage of Kim artfully pummeling a heavy bag is accompanied by text reminding us she "fought for our kids," is "fighting to stop the evictions," "fighting for free community college," and "fighting developers to win 40% affordable housing," (a fight that, to be honest, involves a lot more gifts of public subsidies and massive upzonings than roundhouse kicks). 

This is pretty unsubtle messaging, as is the coy wink Kim gives to the camera at the end of the ad. Whatever deficit she has compared with Supervisor Scott Wiener in fund-raising and endorsement-hoarding in their race to Sacramento, Kim can flaunt this: There's no way Wiener—an ungainly 6-foot-7 man with the physique of an exclamation mark who has admitted he cannot dunk a basketball—is going to release an ad in which he is physically exerting himself, let alone metaphorically kicking the ass of San Francisco's problems. 

Or doing it to a funky beat. Gauntlet thrown, Supervisor Wiener. 

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