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Brunch Madness: (2) Brenda's French Soul Food Vs. (7) Universal Cafe

Round Seven: The Tenderloin soul shack against the uber-organic granola bar.

Shrimp & Grits vs. English Muffin

Brenda's Shrimp & Grits vs. Universal Cafe's House-made English Muffin

Who has the best brunch in the city? Our first ever Brunch Bracket pits sixteen of the city's most popular brunch spots in a single elimination, fight-to-the-death tournament. Our food editor Rebecca Flint Marx seeded the contenders, but it's your votes that decide who wins. Every weekday, you'll have a chance to vote on the day's matchup until we decide our ultimate winner. Yesterday, number four seed Zuni Cafe edged out number five seed Mission Beach Cafe by a single vote.

Winner: Brenda's French Soul Food 99%. Universal Cafe 1%.

Today's match-up:

(2) Brenda's French Soul Food
Address: 652 Polk St. (near Eddy St.)
Signature Dish: Shrimp and grits
Vibe: Country-style hospitality with big-city sophistication
Representative Patron: The traditionalist who wants the same food grandma's been cooking for fifty years and doesn't think scrambled eggs needs to a new twist
Weakness: Does San Francisco care more about the seasons or the soul of its food?

(7) Universal Cafe
Address: 2814 19th St. (near Bryant St.)
Signature Dish: House-made English muffin with a fried egg, asparagus, bacon, cheddar, and sunchoke puree
Vibe: They call themselves "richly organic." We're not sure what that means, exactly.
Representative Patron: The gold-star member of the Michael Pollan book club
Weakness: Richly organic still means granola

Do you prefer ordering your breakfast eggs with arugula-walnut pesto or "any way you like 'em"? Do you prefer your brunch richly organic or simply tasty? Will New Orleans soul food beat California cuisine? The poll will be open for 24 hours, so jump onto Twitter and Facebook to rally your friends!

Follow along with the full bracket here. 


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