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Californians Are Having More Sex While Robots Steal Our Jobs

According to two new surveys we read this morning.

Today's statistical news was a real cup-half-full/cup-half-empty situation. Things looked kind of grim according to one study that says that California should continue to shed low-skill jobs to automation. But, at least according to a different survey, Californians are getting it on more than the rest of the nation.

First the bad news: Robots are coming to take our jobs. Anderson Forecast senior economist Jerry Nickelsburg told the Oakland Tribune that "if the kind of work you do can be replaced by a computer or a robot, you probably have a set of skills that will not take you very far into the future." Although the state's overall job growth is expected to be 1.7% this year (and the unemployment rate is predicted to drop one point per year for the next three years), those gains will be concentrated in the kind of high tech and biotech jobs in contrast to areas like manufacturing, retail, logistics, leisure, and hospitality. (The news might not be all bad. A UC Berkeley economist says that for every one tech in San Francisco, five non-tech jobs are created.) So that's reason to feel down.

But lucky for us Californians, we don't have much trouble getting it up. A Business Insider survey found that residents of the Sunshine State were more likely than the rest of the country to have sex at a younger age, date multiple partners simultaneously, kiss on the first date, and have inter-racial relationships. (New Yorkers also did pretty well too.)

Can we conclude that these two trends are related to each other? Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to speculate. Are we simply screwing the pain of obsolescence away? Or have we begun to enter a post-capitalist utopia in which we are freed from material toil, and thus can "hunt (for sex) in the morning, fish (for sex) in the afternoon, rear cattle (for sex?) in the evening, criticize (the sex we just had) after dinner?" Well, we might—but that's just until the robots take away our sex jobs too.


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