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Chill Out: Your Post TIMF Playlist

 Admit it. You danced a lot this weekend. It’s understandable, but it does leave you a bit exhausted. Enter our playlist, packed with highlights from the weekend, some good shows to come, and just quality music to be enjoyed with your feet up.

 Check out Maus Haus's release party next Saturday, Nov. 3. 

 Nightlands chilling in nature

Lights Out” by Menahan Street Band
With trumpets blaring, a subtlely strong bass, and some strings for dramatic flare, the New York-based instrumental band hits a triumphant, mysterious chord that have images of old school boxing matches flying through your head. They’ll be live at Great American Music Hall come November. Friday, Nov. 30th, $22, GAMH, 859 O’Farrell St.

Where?” by Maus Haus
With the release of their newest EP, Light Noise, the San Francisco synth rockers have decided to add an instrument they were originally opposed to: the guitar. That’s right. “Where?” still finds its gravitas in the layered synths and quiet, moody lyrics. So fear not, the guitar is used very sparingly. Release Party on Saturday, Nov. 3, $10, Rickshaw Stop,  155 Fell St. 

Stranger Lover” by Ghostland Observatory
The band hasn’t had a new release since 2010, but their true treasures were released back in 2006 on the album Papazzari Lighting. “Stranger Lover” is one of their more mellow tracks, so if you like (and you really should) then go check them out at Bill Graham this Saturday. Saturday, Oct. 20, $40, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, 99 Grove St.

So Far, So Long” by Nightlands 
The War on Drugs' bassist, Dave Hartley (who, along with his fellow Philadelphians killed it on Sunday at Treasure Island) is striking out on his own once more with the release of his sophomore effort, Oak Island. While the full album won't be out until mid-January, he's released a single, which layers vocals, playing with the idea if one man's voice is more powerful than multiples. Some serious extensiential thinking on top of upbeat, poppy percussion. What more could you ask for?

So Many Details” by Toro y Moi
If you didn’t get enough of his soft bedroom pop last Saturday, here’s a sneak peek off his newest album, Anything in Return. You might have to put it on repeat for a while—the full album doesn’t come out until January 22nd.

Gold” by Gangi
No, the lead singer is not Zac Efron (though they bear a striking resemblance), but pair is doopleganger moment and the interpretative dancing you’ve got the makings of a great music video. Regardless, the rock pop anthem is bound to get you in a good mood. 

All” by Blackbird Blackbird
Off the San Francisco DJ’s newest EP, Boracay Planet, “All” has a guitar riff that sounds like Explosion in the Sky if it were sped up... a lot. Akin to his earlier work, it’s still got plenty of dizzying bounce and uplifting xylophone.

The North” by Stars
Having grown out of their O.C. days of yore, Stars has mellowed out, relying more on winding melodies and wispy harmonies. Their new album is out Nov. 4th, but see them at the Fillmore this Friday for a sneak peek. Friday, Oct. 20th, $29.50, The Fillmore, 1805 Geary Blvd.

A Permanent state of Jet Lag” by Antwerp
It’s often hard to find a song whose title is absolutely perfect. The Swedish producer single makes you feel like you’re exploring the jungle, walking to your gate at the airport, and at home all at once. No Bay Area connection, just a beautiful song for you to enjoy.

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