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Creeper Lagoon Guitarist Sharky Laguana on Reuniting at Noise Pop

They’re dad rock now, but it’s all good. 

After a long hiatus, Creeper Lagoon returns to Bottom of the Hill February 26.


Few bands have been as synonymous with Noise Pop as indie-rock darlings and Bay Area natives Creeper Lagoon, who performed at the festival a half dozen times in the late ’90s and early aughts. But following their 2001 major-label debut, the group called it splits—at least until now. Following a long hiatus, they’re reuniting for a special set. We chatted with guitarist Sharky Laguana about getting the band back together. 

What’s it been like reuniting?
It’s beyond exciting. This all sort of got popped on me in October. The band had to wrap its heads around how we were going to do this. There are a lot of technical and logistical problems getting four people to sound like a band. You can’t just show up 24 hours before the show after a 16-year absence and expect to put on a half-decent show. 

Have you all changed over these many years?
Ian [Sefchick] and I had not spoken—a couple holiday cards, but not actually gotten on the phone and spoken to each other—since the band broke up in 2001. So when we reconnected, that first phone call was several hours long. We’re all older and more mature, and our egos aren’t wrapped up in it…. It turns out that having kids—all four of us have kids now—who have never seen the band in person was probably the overwhelming motivating factor that kind of pushed it into reality.

Any special memories of Bottom of the Hill?
When we did the New Year’s show for the millennium at Bottom, that was a really big event. At the stroke of midnight, the band paused for a moment, and I got down on my knee and proposed to my wife. So to say Bottom has a special place in my heart is a huge understatement.

Creeper Lagoon plays at Bottom of the Hill on February 26.  


Originally published in the February issue of San Francisco

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