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Crunching the Numbers

It takes a lot of wood and foam to move a major museum.

29,600: artworks to be moved (including more than 7,500 paintings and sculptures, 170 media works, and 16,000 photos).

$10 million: approximate cost to build a new fire station on Folsom Street, after razing the one on Howard Street to make room for the museum's expansion.

60: workers required to remove Gu Wenda's united nations—babel of the millennium, made of human hair and Elmer's glue.

31 miles: tape used to secure packing materials and seal up boxes containing artworks.

$800: average cost of a glue gun used for foam-box assembly.

10,000+: cubic feet of lumber used to build crates and other moving materials.

0 feet: amount of bubble wrap used to transfer artwork (the bubbles can leave impressions on the art, so archival foam is used instead).


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Originally published in the June 2013 issue of San Francisco

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