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Dave Eggers Expands 826 Valencia to the Tenderloin

Continues the work ethic that makes the rest of us look bad. 


Novelist, screenwriter, man of letters, and really awesome Frisbee thrower Dave Eggers has a work ethic that makes even the most Adderal-addled coders look like glaciers. On the back of last year's dystopian parable The Circle, he cranked out the recently released dialogue-only novel, Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? [Note to Dave: What is with that title?]

On top of the literary output, add another superlative: Non-profit empire builder. Eggers's 826 Valencia organization, which teaches writing to kids, is expanding to a new Tenderloin location next year. According to the Examiner, the organization has received a half-million dollar grant from an anonymous foundation to make the expansion. The new site will allow 826 Valencia—which is named for the location of its original site in the Mission district—to expand from 6,000 to 8,000 students per year.

In other news, Dave Egger's newest novel, Ebenezer McGoo's Uncomfortably Sad Voyage Into Adulthood was announced, written, and published in the time it took to post this blog item. He's now hard at work on its sequel, A Parallelogram for the Padashah.


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