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Deltron's Telethon

Local hip-hop group Deltron 3030 is back with Event II (October 1)—another album describing a dystopian future. This time, producer Dan the Automator rallied famous friends to help prophesy. How'd they do?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The actor sets the tone on the intro track: “Banks began to collapse again / The middle class had faded into irrelevance.”
Content: B– Occupy Wall Street is so 2011.
Flow: C Almost anyone can speak at the pace of William Shatner.

David Chang of Momofuku
The all-star chef chats about food’s future: “You can get whatever you want / You press a button on this machine like the Jetsons.”
Content: C The real question is: How’s the ramen in 3040?
Flow: B+ He should expand this into a TED Talk.

The Lonely Island
The goofball trio riffs on past hardships: “Before time travel was easy-peasy / Now we change history like the feat is measly.”
Content: B Griping about “kids these days” never gets old.
Flow: D Cements their rep as the Weird Als of rap.

Zach de la Rocha
The former frontman of Rage Against the Machine pairs his screeching vocals with Del’s fluid raps.
Content: D– Lyrics are inaudible except for something about “a secret message transmissioned to all kind.”
Flow: B+ Clearly, these guys do this for a living.


Originally published in the October 2013 issue of San Francisco 

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