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Design blogs for people who don’t read <i>Dwell</i>

Our contributing interior design editor reveals her favorite Bay Area style blogs.

Last year, I finally dared to launch my own blog, the Style Saloniste (, to examine the design, ideas, art, and creative spirit in my world. In the process, I unexpectedly joined a thriving coterie of design bloggers, including such national standouts as Joni Webb (, Jennifer Boles (, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti (, and Patricia Gaye Tapp ( Here are the five local blogs I put at the top of my list.

The Adventures of Tartanscot
The witty and unpretentious Scot Meacham Wood writes about his newest design schemes and gives an inside look at his process.

Grant K. Gibson, “The Blog”
Gibson blogs about more than just his international design-study tours and his new design discoveries in this breezy blog. You’ll also find amusing posts about his  dogs and his Sunday-night suppers.

Katie Denham has crafted a colorful, upbeat blog about her designs, furniture finds, and style tips. Also inspiring are her updates on her family home and garden, both works in progress.

Porcelains and Peacocks
Kendra Boutell’s decorative- and fine-arts blog offers erudite posts about a range of topics, from obscure artists and architecture to Louis Cartier’s Panthère brooch and artist Leonard Tsuguoharu Foujita’s cats. Any flights of fancy are balanced out with in-depth research and beautiful pictures.

Chic Provence
Peninsula designer Kit Golson loves France—especially the southern part of the country—so her blog offers a combination of rustic elegance and simple, chic, French-inspired design.