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Did We Just Pass Peak Golden State Warriors?

Mark Jackson was robbed. 

 Newly fired head coach Mark Jackson.

Back-to-back playoff appearances. The franchise's best regular season record (121-109) since 1994. A close relationship with the star point guard. All of it adds up to...

...You're fired!

Much of the Bay Area sports universe is scratching its head after the Warriors front office sacked Mark Jackson, the  team's coach for the last three years, following a heartbreaking 126-121 loss to the L.A. Clippers in the seventh game of a first round playoff series. It's a tough blow to Jackson personally, who has reportedly feuded with the team's management. But more importantly, it feels like the end of a too-brief era for a team that hasn't won the NBA Championship since 1975, but that has been fun to watch and easy to cheer for lately. 

It's a blow to San Francisco too. Now that Warriors ownership has locked down their long-sought waterfront stadium, the city is primed to root for a young, exciting, talent-stocked team. But this kind of internal strife takes some bloom off the proverbial rose, and reveals the Warriors owners—in particular Joe Lacob—to be something other than the benign dictators we want them to be: Rather they look petty, arrogant, ego-driven, and short-sighted. After all, Lacob and Co. not only rejected the sentiments of fans and the media in axing Jackson, they also disregarded the public wishes of their own superstar, Steph Curry. This doesn't bode well for the team's future relations with its players, to say nothing of its current and future fanbase.  

If anything, the loss and the firing has the feel of the Jeter-murdered A's in 2001. It's like waking up after a dream. Or finding out that your dog just died.

No wait, we have a better analogy.

It's like realizing that you're not in love with someone right after you decided to move in together.

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