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Dip Bistro Has the Classic French Dip Sandwich Locked Down

When the au jus is as tasty as Dip Bistro’s, there’s no shame in double-dipping.

French dip with roast beef on a crusty Acme baguette.

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for opening a successful restaurant, but here is a solid template: 1. Focus on one dish—preferably one that no one else in the area is serving. 2. Make a really, really good version of that dish. 3. ???? 4. PROFIT.

Such is the brilliance of Dip Bistro, a six-month-old North Beach order-at-the-counter spot that specializes in French dip sandwiches. Ordering here is just a matter of choosing among five roast meat options: Roast beef is classic, but there’s also pork shoulder, lamb, chicken, and porchetta.

The meats are served warm on crusty Acme baguettes, with a full complement of accoutrements. But the star of each plate is that slow-simmered au jus, which is made with beef bones, red wine, root vegetables, fresh herbs, and, naturally, a whole lot of love. The pleasures of eating the sandwich come from the interplay of textures when you dip, and then double-and triple-dip, it into the gravy between bites, letting the bread turn part-soggy from soaking up those concentrated meat juices. 1318 Grant Ave. (Near Vallejo St.), 415-757-0775


Originally published in the June issue of San Francisco 

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