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Delivery is no longer a synonym for greasy pizza or kung pao in a box. Today’s increasing number of gourmet delivery services let you eat and drink incredibly well without getting off the couch. 

These three are doing deliveries right:

Luke’s Local answers the semi-homemade call, including in its all-local meal boxes both ready-to-eat items such as pizza Hacker’s margherita pie and a Full Belly Farm head of romaine, just begging to be made into a Caesar. You can also get essentials like a half dozen eggs and a grab-n-go kimchee burrito, perfect for packing for work. a generous three meals’ worth of goodies is only $38.

It’s a party, it’s a picnic, it’s you drinking alone. Call up Rewinery between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. and some poor bike messenger will schlep boutique wines to you within the hour.  Considering it’s only $30 per box of two, this could develop into a bad habit. 415-860-3878,

Shock and awe your friends with a batch of still-warm chocolate chip cookies baked up and delivered to your door. Polkadotties’s stoner-esque treats are cookies like they used to be: a crisp-chewy, salty, buttery, sweet, and chocolaty pleasure. You get a dozen for $19. 415-857-5328, —S.D.