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Eleven Things to Do in Marin This Weekend Without All Those Day-Tripping San Franciscans

The Golden Gate Bridge will be closed—time to go nuts.

golden gate bridge

The bridge is closed. Plan accordingly.  


The Golden Gate Bridge is taking a much-needed weekend off. In its first closure since 1987, and what’s set to be the longest in its history, the bridge will be shut down from midnight tonight through 4 a.m. Monday. That will give construction workers enough time to install a $30 million concrete median that officials hope will cut down on the number of head-to-head collisions. Closing the bridge means shutting down the one of the main arteries for weekend traffic into the North Bay. Something like 50,000 cars per day travel north on the Golden Gate Bridge, which means congratulations Marin—you’ll finally have a weekend to yourselves. But how to celebrate?

Climb Mount Tam:
The Friends of Mt. Tam are leading hikes on Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Soak up that fresh mountain air unencumbered by crowds.

Eat Some Emprorio Rulli Pastries and Then Bike off the Calories:
Hit up the Italian bakery in Larkspur for a panforte rulli. Eat the whole the entire honey, almond, and hazelnut cake in the parking lot. Then hop on your mountain bike and ride for 36 straight hours to work off the calories.

Hang Out at a Bar and Debate Who Is Going to Replace Barbara Boxer:
We like Three Birds in Corte Madera. And it’s probably Kamala Harris. Or, hey, why not go to Balboa Cafe and ask Gavin if he’s running when you see him?

Eat So Many Oysters:
Though Drakes Bay Oysters is finally closed after a lengthy legal battle, Hog Island Oysters, Tomales Bay Oyster Company, and Saltwater are all still going strong. Get some barbecued oysters and debate whether bivalves are legit for vegetarians to eat. Or don’t—life’s pretty good either way.

Go See the Bay Model:
It’s closed on Sunday, so go to Mill Valley tomorrow to see the insanely detailed model of the Bay and Delta constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Shake your heads at the crazy plans from way back when to fill in the Bay. 

Finally, Score a Table at Poggio:
Sure you’ve had more than a decade to try it, but, gosh, it’s always just so crowded with Financial District types up for the weekend. Order a pizza or—hey, let’s go crazy—two, and figure out if its worth the fuss.

Look for Gray Whales at the Point Reyes National Seashore:
It’s usually so packed—so now’s the time to borrow some binoculars and go whale spotting. Or, come to think of it, maybe not.

Take BART from the Tiburon Station Into San Francisco:
Whoops. Never mind. Forget that one.

Take Your Children to a Winery:
Perhaps one of these?

Idly Wonder What's Up With Max Wade These Days: 
You remember the kid who stole Guy Fieri's sports car a while back? Is he, like, in prison now or what? Bonus question: What do you think John Walker Lindh is doing now?

Sit in Your Hot Tub, Sipping White Wine Spritzers, and Discuss Your Journey Towards Self-Actualization:
To be fair, that was the plan for this weekend anyway, right?


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