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An enterprising ad campaign: Got Wife?

Chas McFeely had a problem. The 41-year-old associate creative director at the advertising agency Muhtayzik/Hoffer was putting in 70-hour weeks, and online dating sites, which were all he had time for, just weren’t working (see “It’s the Economy, Cupid”). So he came up with a solution that’s as old as marriage itself—using a matchmaker—but with one crucial difference. He’s advertising for a matchmaker through his website Hook Chas Up, which features comically informative portraits of himself (see above), and offering $10,000 to the lucky individual who introduces him to his future wife.

     The response has been better than McFeely expected. The San Francisco resident has heard from people as far away as Belarus and Africa. He’s had some mothers talk up their daughters and others offer themselves as potential matches, even though that would mean forgoing the reward (the money goes to the matchmaker, not the match). One woman even offered to fly down from Seattle with her “crusty eggs.”

     Initially, McFeely was going on 15 to 20 dates a month, a pace that wore him out and made him question the process. “From a healthy-dating standpoint, it wasn’t perfect,” he says. So now he’s spending more time with fewer people.

     It’s anybody’s guess if the campaign will work, especially given the time delay of the reward. There’s many a slip between first date and “I do,” so it could be years before the money’s in hand.