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Fee Hike Forces Medieval Bards from Golden Gate Park Archery Range

Rec and Park pushes Debardchery to Pacifica. 


When you woke up this morning, did San Francisco feel ever-so-slightly less like the freewheeling, crazy-in-a-good-way city you fell in love with? There's a reason for that.

After 30 years of holding its “annual celebration of mirth, merriment, archery and the bardic arts” at the archery range in Golden Gate Park, a new fee has forced Debardchery to find a new home in Pacifica, according to the Richmond Blog.

You don't have to be able to tell the difference between a Persian recurve and an English longbow to think that's kind of weak. 

The event, which involves archery, lots of costumes, a "bardic competition," and a potluck lunch, has been held in Golden Gate Park for decades. According to the story, the culprit is rising costs. "Last year’s fees were $350 [...] but when they inquired about their fee for 2014, they were told there would be an additional $200 'park impact fee.' When they asked what that was for, they got no explanation from Rec & Park." Given that the event, which relies on donations and doesn't charge admission, couldn't come up with money, organizers decided to move to the Pacifica Archery Range, which has only charged them $200 to host Saturday's event. 

For their part, they sound less angry than disappointed, telling the blog, "It’s just unfortunate that they seem to have a 'one-size-fits-all' mentality and don’t seem to make any concessions to small, local groups."  


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