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Finally someone thought of it. Introducing a virtual private chef to your kitchen.

In a world where life is so busy that there isn't a minute to shop for food or cook a meal, let alone learn to cook—if this describes your reality, Phoebe Schilla, Cordon Bleu grad and private chef to Silicon Valley's elite execs, might just have a solution. Her new Skype Culinary Counseling, from Studio of Good Living, is an on-call cooking and nutrition internet service. Schilla works with clients who haven't the time for shifting through cookbooks and websites but can easily log on to their computer to get answers to any and all culinary questions: "I'm making dinner for ten, what should I cook?" "My daughter has wheat allergies, what's safe to keep in the pantry?"Does this look like the correct amount of water to make chicken stock?" or even something as simple as: "How do I boil an egg?" Schilla may be starting a new revolution in online services; what's next?—"how do I clean my bathtub?" The convenience of "how to" with a private chef at your finger tips may be a life saver. Visit Studio of Good Living to schedule an appointment.