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First Look: Closet Cast-offs Revived at Discarded to Divine

Saint Vincent de Paul will auction off wearable, renewed fashions tonight.

Colorful clutch design by Noah Shaw.

Design by Kashton Kane.

Versailles jacket by Olga Shor.

Vermeer-inspired shoes by Moda Gwendolina.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society’s annual Discarded to Divine salon and silent auction will make you think twice before tossing out worn clothing. Auction attendees can sip on wine and bid on unique, fashionable pieces that have been recycled from donated clothing and fabric. The reinvented items include a pair of Vermeer-inspired shoes, a coat that we could see wandering the gardens of Versailles, and artistic clutches fit for a museum, all created by rising designers from local universities and local designers such as Stevie Howell, Katherine Summer, and Pamela Wiston just to name a few. The event will benefit the Saint Vincent De Paul Wellness Center, which helps those with addiction and mental challenges. Admission is $75.


When: Tuesday, April 16 at 6:00 pm
Where: Gensler, 2 Harrison Street (near Spear)

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