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Five Comedy Shows to Catch at SF Sketchfest

San Francisco's annual festival of comedy is back for two weeks of political incorrectness, fart jokes, and seizeless laughter. While the big shows are sold out (sorry Portlandia fans, maybe check StubHub) there's still plenty of great comedians in town. Here, our five favorites. 

Pete & Pete 20-year Reunion Show
Friday, Jan. 25, 8 p.m., Marine’s Memorial Theater 
Good news for the many nostalgic hipsters yearning for the nineties to return: SF Sketchfest has managed to corral the cast of the Nickelodeon classic (even Artie! The Strongest Man in the World!) for a night of readings, clips, and conversation. It’s bound to be a time warp.

Be Kind Rewind
Friday, Jan. 25, 10 p.m., Cinecave at Lost Weekend 
It’s a stand up a video store! The concept is, well, intriguing to say the least but the real reason to go is to scout out the local talent. Hosted by local funnyman Ben Feldman (Robin Williams has called his wit “ wonderfully dry”) and featuring the gut-busting proud Latina/openly gay Marga Gomez (watch her bit on gay rights and chickens) and Vietnamese Jew Joe Nguyen (“The only reason I’m alive is one of my parents has an Asian fetish and the other one needed a loan”) plus a few other locals.

Doug Benson Movie Interruption
Saturday, Jan. 26, 4:20 p.m., Roxie Theater
Everyone loves watching really bad movies and making wise cracks throughout with their friends, but just imagine how much funnier it would be if you left it to the professionals. Doug Benson (you might remember him from VH1 commentaries, or the marijuana documentary, Super High Me) has been professionally interrupting movies for quite some time now. Catch him and “surprise guests (past collaborators have included Zack Galifinakas and Aziz Ansari) talk over Halle Berry as Cat Woman.

Killing my Lobster
Monday, Jan. 28, 8 p.m., Eureka Theater
San Francisco’s answer to Second City (and geniuses who find a way to poke up at SF culture without running into the ground), as well as Berkeley’s hilarious sketch troupe Mission CTRL (check out their Doritos Commercial), are up for night of sketch comedy. Prepare to bust a gut.

Rediggency: Reggie Watts and Robert Glasper
Tuesday, Jan. 29, 8 p.m., Mezzanine
The critically acclaimed jack of all trades (comedian, musician, beat boxer, just all around hilarious man) Reggie Watts is teaming up with Grammy nominated jazz pianist Robert Glasper for an improvised free-flowing night of music and comedy.