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Five Gifts Dads will Dig (under $100)

Handyman Dad

With these beauts, who needs a Swiss Army Knife?
Opinel Knives
No. 8 with carbon blade $17
Stainless corkscrew knife $34
Bread knife $40
Gravel & Gold, 3266 21st St., (415) 522-0112



Clean-Shaven Dad

Try the cedar, spearmint, and lime-scented face wash (it smells just like a summer cabin).

Ursa Major Product Line.

Shaving Cream $22

Face Wash $26

Face Toner $24

Travel Toner $4

The Detox Market, 969 Valencia St., 415-826-1600

Happy-Hour Dad

For the dad that appreciates a drink on the go, a good-looking flask is essential.

Assorted flasks $25

Aldea Home, 890 Valencia St., (415) 865-9807

Two-Wheeling Dad

These SPD-compatible cycling shoes are vegan-friendly and designed for comfort. They're crafted to be shoes to ride and walk in.

DZR SPD Compatible Sneakers $95

Mission Workshop, 40 Rondel Pl., (415) 864-7225

Dapper Dad

Get him something he’ll wear every day. You can't go wrong with a beautiful belt.

Taylor Stitch locally made, genuine leather belts $76

Taylor Stitch, 383 Valencia St., (415) 322-8773

With Father’s Day right around the bend, we scoured the Mission for gifts that speak to five different types dads—albeit hip dads or dads that could use a little assistance in that department.