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Five Last-Minute Shows This Week

 If you can face the bitter cold of mid-July long enough to get to the concert hall, here’s some worthwhile shows to check out. 

Billy & Dolly, Wednesday, 7/11
This S.F. duo’s sunny disposition is reminiscent of Abbey Road, with a hint of American folk intertwined and beautiful harmonies to round it all out. Catch their album release party tonight. $10, Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St., Doors Open at 8p.m., more info here

Sun Hop Fat, Friday, 7/13
Get ready for some moody, cerebral, funky tunes to sway to. Sun Hop Fat is straight instrumental jamming. With trumpets blarring, saxophones crooning, and congas thrumming, every song feels like a story unfolding. $13, Slims, 333 11th St., Doors Open at 8 p.m., more info here

Bardot A Go Go, Friday, 7/13
Come on, who doesn’t want to dance around to bubbly 60s French pop? Celebrate Bastille Day at Rickshaw’s annual party where “shagadelic attire is encouraged” and you can get your hair done up in a beehive by Peter Thomas. $10, Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St., Doors Open at 9 p.m., more info here 

Zodiac Death Valley, Saturday, 7/14
If you break down the band’s name it explains their style: “Zodiac” being spacey, psycadelic guitar riffs; “Death” for the hard core rocking they throw down; and “Valley” for the sweeter folk moments that appear intermittently throughout their set. Thing is they transition so well between the three genres, you’ll barely notice.
$10, Brick and Mortar Music Hall, 1710 Mission St., Doors Open at 8 p.m., more info here

Aesop Rock, Sunday, 7/15
The old school rhyme smith is back with the recent release of his newest solo album, Skeleton. The focus, like any underground artist, is on the tongue twisting lyrics, but the beats laid behind it will be sure to keep you moving. $22.50, The Fillmore, 1805 Geary Blvd., Doors Open at 8 p.m., more info here