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Five Questions for Glenn Jackson

Blogger/producer Glenn Jackson has been curating electronic music for your listening pleasure for about two years now, whether it be through finding great beats from all over the web to producing EPs on his own label Mapzzz. Today, he drops his sophomore effort with his Morning Swim EP. Annie Tittiger talks to him about his new songs, Bobby McFerrin, and spirit turtles.

Annie Tittiger: How’d you get started in producing/writing the blog?
Glenn Jackson: I started DJing in middle school, stole all my dads records, any records I could find really. Later I went to art school in Oakland then started in studios. I was looking for an outlet to practice writing and use the Internet to profile the stuff that has been happening locally because no one was covering at the time. So I started Mapzzz. It’s a labor of love.

AT: What's your process for choosing artists to put on the Mapzzz EPs?
GJ: It started out with a lot of my friends who wanted to get their music out there, but didn’t have enough tracks for a release of their own. So we started doing EPs with multiple artists on them. Most of the artists are local, like my friend Dan Casey (aka Yalls) because that’s the stuff that I know but it eventually grew to include some international artists. The goal is to have EPs where you may not know the artist, but you can trust that it well have a certain Mapzzz style: imaginative electronic music, stuff that’s not necessarily the “coolest” thing but you could listen to in your headphones.

AT: What’s the story behind Morning Swim?
GJ: I was just doing solo stuff and I happened to send it to a friend who works at Ceremony Recordings in London and he really liked it. But overall, I prefer collaborating. It’s more exciting to have someone else working on the baseline while you work on the drumbeat. Plus it comes together much faster.

AT: Top three artists on your playlist?

GL: 1. Rosalind EP from Leon Vynehall

2. Bobby McFerrin, who is actually playing in SF soon!

3. Short Circles (Oakland, producer, he actually lives in our living room) who’s releasing a record in the next few months

AT: Your spirit animal?

GJ: Probably a turtle; I could relate to the plight of the turtle. 


Morning Swim is available on iTunes and Amazon. For a preview stream it on Soundcloud