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Five Questions for Lonesome Locomotive

With a sound akin to Phish, a newly released  EP, and will be performing this Saturday at Fallfest, San Francisco-based Lonesome Locomotive is definitely on the rise. Vocalist and guitarist Mike Rosen took a moment to answer our quirky questions. 

1.) How'd you guys get your start?

We got our start when I (Mike Rosen) moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles to pursue music and attend Law School. I met drummer Erin Cassidy at Mojito in North Beach while visiting the city. He was playing with a band that night and was very impressive, so naturally I got his number! Erin also introduced me to bassist Mike Meagher and we began playing music together. Coincidentally, the girl I sat next to in my first law school class was the girlfriend of Zack Brough, the bassist in the well-loved bluegrass band, Jugtown Pirates, and on an outing to meet him and hear his music, I met Brian Byrnes (Vocals, Guitar) at the same club I had met Erin!

2.) Describe the band’s sound.
Imagine going to a big pool party weekend bash, with the Allman Brothers thrashing outside by the pool, Simon and Garfunkel playing the indoor lounge and bar, and Old and In The Way busking the party's entrance.

3.) Where'd the name come from?

Brian came up with our name, Lonesome Locomotive, while driving through the redwoods up north. I was all for it because I love trains and alliteration.

4.) Top three songs on your playlist?

The top songs on our playlists differ pretty heavily! Mike Meagher loves Dave Mathews Band. Last time I was in his car I heard "Too Much." Brian Byrnes loves Steeley Dan and Phish. Erin Cassidy has been playing a lot of Umphrey's McGee’s latest album. As for me, you can always find Hank William's or Grateful Dead on my record player.

5.) Spirit animal?

I would have to go with Bear, since they have nicknamed me "Big Bear"