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Five Random Things to Know About David Sedaris

The best-selling writer and radio voice tells all (and more) at the War Memorial Opera House this weekend.

It's standing room only for An Evening With David Sedaris at the War Memorial Opera House on Sunday, May 5, where Sedaris will regale us about his new book Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls. Not sure whether the show is worth staying on your feet for? Here's a few tidbits about everyone's favorite NPR character, courtesy of his own writings, that might help you decide:

--He keeps meticulous diaries, which he says he prints out and produces covers for four times a year. But he never publishes them, as most of the material is meaningless: "In the summer of 1984, I've got on June 23 that I saw a drunk woman drop her baby. And then an episode of Oprah that was particularly good on July 3."

--He swore he would never date anyone who owns a rainbow flag or who uses the words "flick, freebie, cyberspace, progressive, or zeitgeist."

-- He spent eight years constantly writing comedic essays before letting a single person read one. He did all of these on typewriter and paper, as he refused to buy a computer until 2001. (That one was a gift.)

--The original title for his 2007 book: "All the Beauty You Will Ever Need." Published title: When You Are Engulfed in Flames. Hard to imagine that they were the same book.

--He has a brother nicknamed "The Rooster." Sedaris's essays made famous his catchphrase: "You can't kill the Rooster." The Rooster launched a website,, on which the only materials are David's essay about how you can't kill the Rooster and a flash game called "You Can't Kill the Rooster," in which you continually try to kill the rooster and fail.

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