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Five ways to become a temporary Hawaiian.

Escape from the mainland with one of these inspiring getaways.

When the summer fog gets to you (and at some point, it gets to us all), take a hint from the airlines and jet to the islands: United, Hawaiian, and Alaska recently added direct flights from the Bay Area to iconic Hawaiian locales. You can now fly nonstop from Oakland and San Jose to Kauai; skip from SFO to Hilo, on the Big Island’s underappreciated east coast; and find more options for nonstop service from Oakland to Maui (see “Just Add Hula Skirt”). Of course, there are as many ways to vacation in the fiftieth state as there are vacationers, so we crafted five distinct trips—adventurous or quiet, with the kids or blissfully unencumbered, full-service pampering or wandering as you please-—to satisfy specific desires. Just choose your pleasure and book your seat.

BIG ISLAND - Push the adrenaline button.

MAUI - Pondering the meaning of ahhh.

OAHU - Bring the kids. Really.

KAUAI - Romp on the island of natural delight.

KAUAI - Work on nothing but your suntan.