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Focus, people!

It looks like a lipstick case and has only two buttons, but the new “light field” camera by the Mountain View startup Lytro may be the first quantum leap in the field of photography since film fell to digital. The camera’s revolutionary technology (measuring in megarays rather than megapixels) allows you to choose an image’s point of focus after it has been shot. Better yet, you can post the digital file to your Facebook page and allow your friends to decide which part of the photo they think deserves center stage. Preorders for the camera are adding up as fast as the investor money, which has already topped $50 million, and the buzz surrounding the potential of
this technology is even greater. “The wow factor for Lytro is impressive,” says Academy of Art University adjunct professor Lars Howlett. “It creates more fun for the photographer and greater engagement by the viewer.” LYTRO.COM