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Method's Eric Ryan makes cleaning the tub a family affair.

Four chic and eco-friendly products

The design-minded duo behind the Method, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, share their green favorites.

1. Levi’s Water<Less jeans
ER: “It normally requires a tremendous amount of water to make jeans, but this line has saved 172 million liters of water.”

2. Icebreaker Merino clothing
AL: “A performance fiber combines traditional wool, synthetics, and cotton to keep you warm in cold weather and cool in the heat. You can trace the wool to its source, check out the living conditions of the sheep, meet the growers who raised them, and follow the production process.”

3. Yes To skincare
ER: “This local brand has four different lines for skin care and a great baby line that’s 100 percent natural.”

4. Flor carpet tiles
AL: “These carpet squares are easy to assemble, made with renewable and recycled content, and recyclable through a unique program with the company.”

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