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Four San Francisco Restaurateurs on Their Most Popular Dishes

These are the city’s fast-dining staples.

From left: Charles Bililies, Marko Sotto, Guy Eshel, and Eric Lilavois


This story is part of a feature on San Francisco’s growing appetite for fast-casual dining. Read it here. And see our list of the Bay Area’s 21 best fast-dining spots here.

Charles Bililies, 
Owner, Souvla
What’s your hottest ticket?
Considering Souvla was conceived as a Greek sandwich shop and wine bar, it’s somewhat ironic, albeit not surprising, that our bestselling dish is our chicken salad. Second on the list would probably be our frozen Greek yogurt with baklava, which everyone goes crazy over.

Marko Sotto, Owner, Barzotto
What’s your hottest ticket?
That beef pasta dish: It’s a hand-cut pappardelle served with a braised beef “hunter’s sauce” that’s made from cooking the beef’s braising liquid with sherry and mushrooms. It’s so good. I’m thinking about eating it right now. 

Guy Eshel, Owner, Sababa Hot Pita Bar
What’s your hottest ticket?
The falafel bowl. It comes with hummus, nine falafel balls, tahini, and your choice of three salads. Falafel really is our bread and butter. We grind it every day; it’s a super-intensive two-day process.

Eric Lilavois, Owner, Little Gem
What’s your hottest ticket?
Bibimbap. Seasoned brown rice topped with a variety of cooked, raw, and pickled seasonal vegetables and a pasture-raised sunny-side-up egg. Often people will add salmon tartare or slow-roasted pork to it. Altogether, it’s a perfect representation of Little Gem: intensely flavorful, lots of umami, happy, and healthy!

Originally published in the February issue of
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