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Getting Lucky at the LuckyRice Festival

An Asian culinary blowout returns for a second helping.


Like many a brainchild of the modern-day food movement, the LuckyRice Festival was born in Brooklyn. But in the five years since its inception, its founder, Danielle Chang, has turned the celebration of Asian food and culture into a series of cross-country events stretching from Los Angeles to Miami.

The festival will return to San Francisco for the second year in a row on September 5, when it will transform the Bently reserve into a vibrant Asian food court. Hosted by Chris Cosentino, the one-night-only affair will showcase the work of chefs from establishments as varied as Kin Khao, Chino, Azalinas, Dosa, Spice Kit, and Dirty Habit. As is typically the case with such events, a raft of mixologists will be on hand to lubricate the festivities.

Call it culinary anthropology or a feeding frenzy—either way, Luckyrice understands that the stomach is the gateway to cultural enlightenment.


Originally published in the September issue of San Francisco magazine

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