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Gift Guide 2014: For the New Year's Resolver

Who recovers by steaming, cooking, juicing, and detoxing.

Nut hammer

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Hurom Elite slow juicer

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Fig + Yarrow herbal steam

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Chalkboard plug-in self-watering planter

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The Forest Feast vegetarian cookbook

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March Pantry dry-farmed tomatoes

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Nut hammer, $39.95 at Minimal, 364 Hayes St. (Near Gough St.), 415-400-5572

Hurom Elite slow juicer, $400 at Bed Bath & Beyond, 555 9th St. (Near Bryant St.), 415-252-0490

Fig + Yarrow herbal steam, $22 at The Perish Trust, 728 Divisadero St. (Near Grove St.)

Chalkboard plug-in self-watering planter, $129 at Aldea Home, 890 Valencia St. (At 20th St.), 415-865-9807

The Forest Feast vegetarian cookbook, $35 at The Booksmith, 1644 Haight St. (Near Clayton St.), 415-863-8688

March Pantry dry-farmed tomatoes, $12 at March, 3075 Sacramento St. (Near Baker St.), 415-931-7433


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Originally published in the December issue of San Francisco

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