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This Golden State Podcast: Is Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer Outspending the Koch Brothers?

And the perennial question: What’s his endgame?

Tom Steyer.

This Golden State is a podcast from veteran broadcast journalist Randy Shandobil. Click above to play.


In 2016 alone, billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer has sunk more than $39 million into this election cycle so far. As individual contributions go, that’s more than twice than the combined spending of the Koch brothers, George Soros, and Sheldon Adelson (but not even approaching the $70 million Steyer shelled out in 2014). So are the Koch brothers looking over their shoulder? Hardly, Steyer tells veteran broadcast journalist Randy Shandobil. In the latest episode of Shandobil’s This Golden State podcast, Steyer explains why he’s still David to the Kochs’ dark-money Goliath.

As Steyer rounds into his third (fourth? we’re losing count) year of flirting with political ambitions, Shandobil presses him with increasingly specific hypotheticals on the question of running for governor of California. Have you considered that no self-funded candidate other than Arnold has been successful? Will you acknowledge it’s a possibility? What about Gavin? Steyer’s answer: “I haven’t studied Gavin at all.” Plausible deniability! With what we'll choose to picture as a shrug the size of a smokestack plume, he says, "It would be crazy for me to be spending my time to do that right now." 


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