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This Golden State Podcast: Fantasy-Sparring with Trump and Clinton at Tonight’s Debate

What would you ask the candidates?

This Golden State is a podcast from veteran broadcast journalist Randy Shandobil. Click above to play.


From what we know of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s presidential debate prep, Hillary hasn’t given much thought to what she’ll wear, and Trump hasn’t given thought to much of anything at all. One thing’s for sure: Both campaigns are weary of the moderators (tonight it’s NBC’s Lester Holt). Trump’s been busy handicapping himself, calling the debates are “a phony system” controlled by Democrats; meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is (understandably!) expecting the debate moderators to “all hold Hillary Clinton to a higher standard than they do Trump simply because she has more political experience,” says veteran broadcast journalist Randy Shandobil in the latest epidode of This Golden State podcast.

Given that we’ll all be doing a little yelling at the TV tonight, Shandobil wonders what all the would-be Lester Holts would ask the candidates—or, ah, call BS on—if they had the chance. He invites a handful of political journalists to bring their toughest stuff to the table. Few ask policy questions. Many, including Politico’s Carla Marinucci and the Desert Sun’s Hank Plante, want Clinton to explain something she’s probably the least equipped person in the world to unpack: namely, the “trust gap” that’s been dogging her for decades. “You’ve been on national scene for 30 years. Why are you still having to explain yourself to voters?” demands Plante.

Marinucci would like to see Trump’s birther attacks turned on him: “Mr. Trump…will you pledge to the American people tonight that you will release the official notice of your IRS audit and your wife’s full and complete immigration documents? If not, why should we not assume you’re hiding something?”

Who knows, we may even get answers to these questions—just coming from the mouth of the opposing candidate. 


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