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Good Beer Deserves Good Food

That beer isn’t for a toddler, so why is the bar snack? Good thing for these grown-up drink enhancers.

Boiled peanuts
Soft, salty, and strangely addictive, these can be found at Wo Hing General Store, St. Vincent, and the Front Porch. But Boxing Room (399 Grove St., at Gough St., 415-430-6590) gets bonus points for serving them in a cute, miniature cast-iron pot.

At Locanda’s bar they call it coppiette, but around most parts of the city it’s just jerky. Pick some up at the Fatted Calf (320 Fell St., near Gough St., 415-400-5614) to go with a growler of Magnolia beer. Dinner of champions.

Soft pretzels
At the Monk’s Kettle and Absinthe, they’re crafted into bites to dip into cheese fondue. But the most amazing ones by far are the hand-rolled pretzels made with rye and paired with mustard at St. Vincent (1270 Valencia St., near 24th St., 415-285-1200), where they’re served so soft and warm you’ll want to snuggle with them.

Jerk-spiced duck hearts
Found only at the Alembic (1725 Haight St., near Cole St., 415-666- 0822), this consists of six or so skewered tickers served with pickled pineapple and thyme salt. Goes down surprisingly easily, sober or drunk.

Making pickles—everyone is doing it, from Bar Tartine to Pig & Pie (2962 24th St., near Harrison St., 415- 401-8770), where you can order the assorted-pickle plate with a La Merle Saison.

Duck-fat Chex mix
Jake Godby of Humphry Slocombe does a pop-up at the Truck Stop bar called Truck Stop Cafe. There, he serves this good idea to order.

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