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Google-Owned Company Builds Robot Dog, Kicks It

This is how you get the Terminator mad at you.


Remember how a year ago Google went on a spending spree buying up several robotics companies, and we wondered, hmm, why are they doing that? Today we have an answer. To kick a robot dog.

And this just when the anti-tech protests seemed to be dying down. 

Boston Dynamics has unveiled a four-legged, 160-pound robot dog that can transverse up and down hills and over uneven terrain. You can watch a video of the creature here. It’s actually really cool. Being able to build working legs is a really hard engineering problem, especially to maintain stability when confronted with unexpected shocks. It's one of several fascinating designs that the robotics company, bought by Google in 2013, is working on, in part with funding from DARPA. An original version of the BigDog was built in 2005, and it's hoped to be used by the US military as a pack mule in terrain that's too rough for wheeled vehicles.

To prove that the new design has what it takes to do that, the Boston Dynamics guys put on their black hats and took a few kicks at the dog. In one, the robot pooch is trotting down an office hallway, only to be unexpectedly whoomped by a Boston Dynamics employee jumping out of a cubicle. The video ends with the disclaimer, “No robots were harmed in the making of this video.”

Which sure, guys. Tell it to Skynet. 



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