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S.F. Playhouse is putting on its own downright delinquent production of Stephen Sondheim’s fractured fairytale musical.

(l) Cindarella and (r) Rapunzel

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(l) The Wolves and (r) The Witch

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Costume designer Abra Berman, who is aiming for a Queen Anne meets Andy Warhol–style extravaganza, opened her sketchbook to show us how to bring fairytale couture into 2014.

The Character: Cinderella
The Look: Red carpet Jennifer Lawrence
“Her dress is beautiful and magical, but it shows that she doesn’t quite fit in with the other characters. She’s metallic and streamlined and doesn’t match the pastel fashion-victim dresses of the rest of the cast.”

The Character: Rapunzel
The look: Taylor Swift circa 2010
“She’s been sheltered her entire life and makes horrible decisions out of ignorance. She starts out pink and ruffled but ends up looking like a martini-soaked housewife. It’s not going to be pretty.”

The Character: The Witch
The Look: High-class Kardashian
“She’s a badass, larger-than-life woman. She’s got lace-up boots and leggings, but the high collar and Queen Anne neckline show her sophistication. Also, big hair.”

The Character: The Wolves
The Look: A pack of feral Billy Idols
“They’re our bad boys, with velvet tuxedo jackets and tight black vinyl pants for the ’50s pop star look. Fur collars and cuffs and more big hair suggest a wolf without sticking a wolf’s head on them.”

Into the Woods runs June 28–Sept. 6 at San Francisco Playhouse.


Originally published in the July issue of San Francisco 

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