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A Guide to San Francisco's Best Nerdy Nightlife

Tired of trying to fit in with the cool kids all over again? Here are five spots where you can always get your inner nerd on in San Francisco.

The lobby at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland, where you can nerd out to movie trivia every Tuesday.

Teetering north of Silicon Valley, bear-hugged by world-class universities, and infiltrated with tech start-ups, it's no wonder San Francisco has its fair share of nerdarrific places to cut loose. Exhibit A: There's a Drunken Spelling Bee at Cafe Royale this Sunday. So if you prefer Pokemon to Patron and have been looking for more places where cool doesn't rule, have we got a list for you.

1. Rock-Paper-Scissors Pub Crawl

First of all, yes: It is a strategic game. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Everyone plays rock-paper-scissors at some point in his or her life, but not everyone experiences it with a sloppy drink in the other hand. This is rapidly-firing intoxicated nerd brain at its best. Every Wednesday starting at the Northstar Cafe (1560 Powell St.)

2. Geeks Who Drink

Cool bar? Check. Free admission? Double check. Awesomely nerdy quizmaster, smack talk, and film- or music-centric questions? Check, check, check. There is no better way to start off your weekly drunkenness in the Bay Area than winning NSFW prizes at a nostalgic college bar. Every Monday at Pappy’s in Berkeley (2367 Telegraph Ave.)

3. New Parkway Trivia

Oakland's New Parkway Theater hosts a weekly trivia night just for movie lovers. It’s almost a nerd rite of passage to have seen every movie known to man, so this could be an easy win. Prizes include free movie passes and--most importantly--free beerEvery Tuesday at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland (474 24th St.)

4. Nerd Nite

Every third Wednesday, nerds make their way to a bar meet-up to discuss--among other subjects--zombies, paper airplanes and hackers. The event's tagline says it all: "Like the Discovery Channel...with beer!" The next one is the third Wednesday in May. Locations vary (

5. Real Escape Games

Every couple months, this transplanted game from Japan sets up another awesome escape scenario that puts you right in the middle of real-life Clue. Right now, you can attempt to escape from a mysterious, locked room with no key. If you can't go soon or miss out on tickets, wait until June, when you can try to flee a magician's trick gone wrong. These puzzles will take every fiber of that big brain to solve. Dates and locations vary (

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